: Forum is great

10-01-06, 09:40 PM
I joined this forum because I like my 2000 Deville, but need insight to the shimmy and shake issue. Thanks to all of you who are sharing experiences and possible soultions.

Lady Danielle
10-22-06, 07:37 AM
hellooo shimmy and shake

10-22-06, 07:38 AM
Greetings and :welcome:

10-22-06, 07:43 PM
Welcome, You came to the right place for help.

Good luck

10-23-06, 10:50 AM
Welcome, we have some guys that can probably help you with your shimmy and shake issue along with any other problems you have.

10-25-06, 09:30 PM
Welcome. From looking at that DeVille forum, lots of people can help you with that problem. Good luck.

JRau in central Iowa