: 1957 Remote Auto Starter

10-01-06, 04:38 PM
Hi everyone,

I have an STS on order. Whats interesting to me is it comes with A
remote starter. I had one on my 1954 Buick. I designed it myself. It
appeared in a newspaper in 1957. I have copies if anyone is interested.

My car also had a complete HI FI system with woofer, tweeter and
a midrange speaker, a 2 way intercom that I used to tell the gas attendant how much gas to put in. It was also handy if someone wanted direction, I did not have to roll the window down if I did not know the person, a stall indicator, a complete Ham Radio station that had the capability of communicating overseas plus other electronics.

I am now working on several automotive safety idea's which I will give to the auto companies.

I have a number of magazine and newspaper articles on me. I would be happy to send copies.

I already have some idea's for my new STS. I hope that I like this car.

II wish everyone a great week.


10-01-06, 09:02 PM
Sounds like you had some interesting ideas back in the day--especially with the remote starter--but things have gotten a lot more advanced in recent times.

Hope your STS arrives and you can start enjoying it as soon as possible:thumbsup: