: proper engine removal on a 97 cat

09-30-06, 06:34 PM
Well, my cat recently died on me. bummer! anyway the engine started shaking and running rough. Now it will start every once in awile and when it does the motor shakes and makes a tapping type noise from what i can tell coming from around the top of the motor and will stall. If i hold in the gas it will stay running but continue to run like poo. Im not sure if the motor is trashed but it sure does seem like it and i dont have the money to take it to a dealer. I have another 97 catera thats wrecked but the motor runs and is in great condition. I have a few questions on how to remove the engine with the catera vets on here haha! Does the engine need to be removed through the bottom of the car or can it be lifted through the top? also does the front clip need taken off? Im not sure if the motor even needs taken out yet. Does anyone know what these symptoms may mean? Please help me out here im currently in college and i need transportation fast I love this car and just cant get rid of it. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

09-30-06, 06:49 PM
Sorry I do not know the engine removal procedure.

On your other question:

Like they say, when you find yourself in a deep hole for God's sake stop digging!

The last thing you should do is to run the old engine, though by now it's likely too late for this counsel to help you. It sounds like your cams are off time which is not an uncommon happening with a well worn older Cat. At the first sign of this you click off the ignition and tow, tow, tow the car until it can be worked on. It will be a fairly high level of tear down for you to discover where you are with the engine. You must expose the timing belt and check the cam timing. You most likely needed to replace the belt and idlers. Trouble is, because you ran and even gunned the engine, it is possible you have done really serious damage, the kind which requires a TOTAL tear down of the engine to put right.

Tough one.:crybaby:

09-30-06, 08:31 PM
From what I read on here the timing seems like a major issue. Im just surprised because the cat only has 59,000 miles on it and for it to do this with this little miles is beyond me..I wonder how hard the engine is to change in the cat? Has anyone ever changed a catera engine themselves that could share their personal experience?

09-30-06, 09:36 PM
From what I read on here the timing seems like a major issue. Im just surprised because the cat only has 59,000 miles on it and for it to do this with this little miles is beyond me..

I agree with you and I am backpeddling, at least a little, from what I wrote earlier.

You need to call Caddy customer service with your VIN and research the car. Find out if and when it received the recall service.

Of course if it never received the recall service 59K could be the end. But most likely it DID receive that service, years ago. You need to determine at how many miles the recall service was performed.

Some posters here have written of recall service which did not include belt renewal. That's just something of which to be aware. Any details of your service history you can extract from the Caddy service database would be at worst illuminating. At best they could be pivotal.

I just jumped at the timing belt because your car is a '97 and because I wrongly assumed it had high miles. At this point I harbor more hope the problem might be one from which you can escape.

At 59,000 miles your engine should not self destruct. You might even consider a special appeal to Caddy for a mercy, out of warranty, repair based on the low miles. This likely will fall upon deaf ears, but it will cost you nothing to try.

Good luck!:thumbsup: