View Full Version : P043 -- headache -- what is happening???

09-29-06, 08:54 AM
I have a 94 Cadillac SLS with 157,000 = was running good up until about 3 months ago. Cam Sensor went bad and replaced that sensor along with the ignition module which also tested as being bad. This was replaced then and everything was fine --then about three weeks ago all heck broke loose :rant2:
I started to loose gas mileage, and stepping on the accelerator after the engine was warm was like stepping on a grape -- dead petal and then all of a sudden instance acceleration along with a down shift - had to pick my head up out of the backseat!! During cold running everything is fine.
When I recentely (two weeks ago) replaced the fuel pump I found out the owner before me bought cheap gas and the tank had a lot of junk in it -- at that time I also replaced the fuel filter - and all the injectors, the MAP sensor and the fuel pressure regulator. Much improvement - but still the dead petal and rough idling when the engine is warm.
Out of no where this morning on the way to work a P043 code was registered (I believe that is the oxygen sensor). When the service engine light came on - the car settled down and actually drove normal until it reset itself and back to the roughness.
My mechanic told me that I have been running so rich for so long that the car just needs to get a good running for a week or so to allow it to settle down and then we will begin the next phase. Does this sound logical? I hate being a "let's replace this and that person" - but the car is so good - and right now I am so unhappy -- I just want my SLS back to the wonderful car it has always been.
Does anyone have any test procedure an information for a P043 service code?
Does anyone have any suggestions what I have overlooked to smooth this car down?
By the way the plugs and wires were replaced just about 50,000 miles ago.

09-29-06, 09:36 AM
Did you replace the oxygen sensor? If it is bad, your computer will not know how to react to your pedal requirements. It will not know how much fuel to supply. Your accelerator symptoms sound like what my car was doing, when I needed a MAP sensor. I changed it, and the car was fixed. You say you changed yours, but maybe it failed again?