: Timing Belt Tensioner

09-29-06, 07:23 AM
I have a 2001 Catera with 98,000 miles and knowledge that the timing belt/tensioner was replaced at 31,000 miles. I plan on changing the timing belt soon but is it absolutely neccessary that the tensioner and pulleys also be replaced? Also, is there a distinct quality difference between the non-OEM and OEM tensioner kits?

I have been extremely pleased with this car.

Work I have done so far:
- Crankshaft position sensor
- Passenger side outer tie rod end
- Passenger side rear spring (bottom coil of spring broke off)
- Coolant reservoir tank

09-29-06, 07:53 AM
I agree it is time to change the belt. If the car is routinely started when very cold, it is past time.

Some other thoughts for you are here:


10-07-06, 11:11 AM
I have a 1998 catera...in indiana...i know...lots of cold! i currently have 74k and want to know if i should change my belt?

10-07-06, 12:21 PM
I have a 1998 catera...in indiana...i know...lots of cold! i currently have 74k and want to know if i should change my belt?

Yeah, it is cold in IN. But the cold does not matter if your car is garaged. The belt itself has to be cold, really cold, when you start the car in order to do any deteriorative damage.

Change your belt? Well, when was it last changed? Even in rough circumstances those belts are probably good for 50K miles, assuming no mechanical failure of tensioners, etc., (which can damage the belt and cause premature failure).

Under more favorable conditions the belts can last a lot longer. That's not something to try for if you're timid, though; unless you have a spare car on the road.

You do not want to lose a belt out on the road. It just isn't worth the shock, the heartache, and the good chance you will have to replace the engine or else lose your car.:tisk:

10-07-06, 08:58 PM
hmm...okay! mine is NOT garaged...it has never been changed and once again has 74k on it. It has sat out all of its life. Is there any way to check to see if it needs changed? If so, how much will this cost?

10-08-06, 06:42 AM
Buy a lottery ticket TODAY! There's no question you are the luckiest guy in Indiana.:)

But now seriously, your belt most likely was changed earlier in the car's life. Not for sure, but most likely. You need to telephone Caddy customer service and try to get a handle on the car's service history. There is at least a chance they can tell you when the belt was changed; and it costs nothing to call them:


Assuming they tell you your car received the recall service, you want to ask when, i.e., at how many miles, and you also need to ask if there is a record of the belt having been changed at that time.

If by some miracle your car never recieved the recall service and is still running on the original belt and has been ungaraged and started from cold in Indiana, well, maybe you really DO need to buy that lottery ticket! But that's a lot of "ifs".

In this case I cannot tell you what to do; but I can tell you what I would do:

I would not drive the car again until the belt was changed. And, yes, that means I would have the car towed to wherever the belt change was going to be done.

If Caddy customer service tells you your car never received the recall service you need to get back to us with that information on this thread. It is HIGHLY unlikely they will tell you that and I do not expect such a thing. Repeat, I do NOT expect such a thing.

But if your car never got the recall service then you really do pretty much have an emergency on your hands.

Good luck!

10-08-06, 12:55 PM
had the car checked out, nothing to worry about...it helps to have a caddy dealer in the family...lol