: Differences in 275 & 300 HP Nstar

09-27-06, 09:47 PM
May be a dumb question, but what does GM do to get 25 more HP in the 300 HP Nstar? I imagine some of it is in the heads? Maybe different cams? Just curious.

09-27-06, 09:49 PM
Discussed many times already...try a search.

09-27-06, 11:25 PM
We should keep track of how many times this exact same question has been asked! :bigroll:

09-27-06, 11:57 PM
You guessed it. Different intake cam.

09-28-06, 04:18 PM
Sorry, did not intend to be redundant. Will do a search, as directed.

09-28-06, 07:39 PM
From my driving experience behind the wheels of both Northstars, the 275hp version has good low and excellent mid range power, with good top end power but the 300hp version has astonishing top end power, with good low and mid range power.