: Engine code for catera

09-27-06, 08:03 AM
This is a follow up to my timing tool question.
Does anyone know the engine code for the cat?
The timing tool distributor in the UK is trying to match the tool he has, which is much less expensive than the one available in the US (about $160 delivered). He said that the tool he has for GM 3.0 V6 works on engine codes;

09-27-06, 08:39 AM
It's a great question and very interesting. As you know, Cat engines were manufactured in the UK.

The first two codes are clearly British Omega. On the last two codes I have no clue.

Am out of time with no answer for you and must go. Did find this item which might be of interest:

X25XE/C25XE Cambelt Procedures (http://www.alan.j.burgess.btinternet.co.uk/DBur/V6Cambelt.html)

Will try to get back to this later. In my gut I continue to think that tool will do the job.

Good luck.

09-27-06, 08:58 AM
Thanks guardian. My gut says OK too.
Another Cadillac customer "non" service story.
I called and asked them what the engine code was and they said that they do not have that information. They said to go to the local stealership.
I also asked if my belt was changed with the tensioner recall. Again, they said they didn't know. They only know that the campaign was done, and that I should again go to the local "stealership" where it was done.
The dealer is no longer caddy dealer, and the repair order said (belt) with no part number or description. They didn't know if it was the drive belt or timing belt.
I think it is clear why GM is loosing so much market share. They like to fully support the dealer while leaving customers flapping in the breeze, unless of course we want to spend huge $ on overpriced dealer repairs. This has been GM's M.O. since day 1. Somebody there should get a clue and realize why the competition is blowing thier doors off. (IMO).
Thanks again for the opinion.

09-27-06, 09:26 AM
It is the X30XE.

X25XE 2,5l V6 Omega 94-2000
X30XE 3,0l V6 Omega 94-2000
Y26SE 2,6l V6 Omega 2000-
Y30SE 3,2l V6 Omega 2000-

09-27-06, 09:43 AM
Thanks Aldi. I will order the Laser Tools 3302 timing kit.