: Nuance Cashmere Seats and Denim

09-24-06, 10:01 AM
Does anyone else have a problem with their cashmere nuance seats picking up the dye from denim jeans and creating a blue stain on the side bolsters and on the perforated seating area?......Is this problem non existant with the Tuscany leather?

c5 rv
09-24-06, 11:32 AM
I seem to remember a thread along these lines in the CTS forum a couple years ago. But, I can't find it now. I had cashmere nuance seats in my CTS for over two years and wore jeans frequently - never saw that issue.

09-24-06, 11:59 AM
I've had my STS with Tuscany seats for 2 months. So far it hasn't been a problem. My wife did have that issue with her 2003 Lincoln Aviator. Luckily, we bought the fabric protectant package. It's usually a waste of money but in this case, the dealer had to remove the stains since they guaranteed the seats. They ended up re-dying the seats. That may be the only way to remove the stains.

09-24-06, 12:00 PM
Have the SAME problem with blue fading onto the left side of the drivers seat. NOT from jeans though. the wife wore a blue dress one day and that's where the stain came from. Tried like hell to scrub it off to no avail.

09-24-06, 04:13 PM
Whatever peice of clothing that is not washed yet may fade on tan colored lether... be even more careful with black lether coats which are relativly new.

10-22-06, 03:55 PM
Thats been a problem with leather seats for decades. I had a 77 98, red with white leather seats and they did it way back then. I can't understand why as the jeans had been through the wash at least a hundred times. If they had been brand new I could see it.