: Getting a vinegar type smell at startup from the AC

09-23-06, 09:02 PM
Just started getting it and cannot relate it to anything done to the car or event. The vinegar smell is strong initially and then after a few minutes it is gone. Doesn’t happen at every startup we seem to only get it after the car sits all day or overnight. Has anyone had anything like this?

john d
09-23-06, 10:12 PM
Hope not, but this link may be the answer-
Nissan/Infiniti Sucks (http://www.badnissaninfiniticars.com/)

09-24-06, 06:48 AM
Holy Crap, that link is alarming! I hope not too.

09-28-06, 01:20 PM
We had a big mold issue in our last house, something leaked into the floors and spread everywhere.
The vinegar smell could be mold. easy fix is replace the cabin air filter and use "citrisafe" a botanical safe solution for getting rid of mold. this works well. i do not work for them or sell it. i had a team come in and clean my house and they left me with this stuff to spray on filters in my house air cleaners and in my car cabin filters.
To test for mold: hit the store and get a mold test kit. Toss it in your car and run the air for a little bit and then turn it off and keep the door closed for the test period (1 hour usually) then you incubate this in a dark room. you will find mold if its there in about a week. a lab can then tell you what you have. use the citrisafe to remove it.
I had spores growing in my nose! I now snore at night (bummer!)

your problem might be your Battery. I had egg smell blowing in the cabin and after much work, i found the battery was really hot and then it started bubbling. at that point the dealer finally agreed to replace the battery.

10-06-06, 01:39 PM
Took it in to the dealer and the service rep said not a problem to fix. He was not surprised at all, said that we are in a high humidity area and has addressed it a number of times. He cleaned and treated the AC system and said that it should not reoccur. Smells just fine now.

He also stated that a number of models (although not the SRX) have an auxiliary blower mechanism where the air circulates for a short time after the car is turned off to dry out the system.