: thanks for the help

09-22-06, 12:53 PM
this forum was a great help to in solving the problem I had with the check/engine light warning, I read up on the codes that showed which indicated that I had a (mass air flow sensor) problem, the miss fire and running lean which was the indicator.

I ordered the mass air flow through the rockauto store which was recommended by this site and I do admit they have great prices and quick delivery to boot. The dealer wants over $500.00 to fix.

the part through rockauto was $115.00 plus shipping depending on what type of shipping you preferr.

this is their link Auto Parts Fast at RockAuto (http://rockauto.com)

they just sent me an email follow up and included a code for a discount that any one can use so I want to pass this on.

the code you enter is 500929459043 where it says

Here’s how to use it:
· In our Java Catalog, enter your code in the “How did you hear about us” line of the shopping cart.
· In our non-Java Catalog, enter your code in the “Discount Code” field of the Shopping Cart and click “Calculate Discount.”

and you will receive your discount @ check out

thanks again for all your help