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09-22-06, 08:36 AM
I am preparing to change the timing belt on my 2000 Cat. I saw the timing tool (Baum) for $300. But I also saw on a UK site, a Laser Tools 3302 tool. It states "ENGINE TIMING TOOLS SET FOR GENERAL MOTORS/ SAAB V6 PETROL ENGINES". The picture below looks the same as the Baum (which I know is correct). The Laser is only 65 pounds (about $150 US delivered).
The distributor did not have US car listings so could not be sure if it is the correct one for the CAT.

Does anyone know if this is the correct tool?



09-22-06, 10:50 AM
It's highly likely it is the correct tool. Prices for these tools are all over the map!

Suggest you telephone or e-mail the supplier. Telephone calls to the UK are cheap. Of course you will have to allow for the time difference when you place your call - they are five hours ahead of ET, for example.

Also allow for customs fees. Still you should come out ahead. If they do not know the Catera, ask 'em if their tool will time an Opel Omega MV6.