View Full Version : 97 Catera Security System

09-21-06, 08:25 PM
The keyless entry clickers for my 97 Catera have both broken. I went to the dealership and cadillac told me that it would be about 250$ to replace both of the clickers (includes programming). I looked into after market security systems (2 new clickers, lock-unlock trunk/gas door. would cost 200$ installed). The answer seemed easy, if the on board computer read everything correctly why not go after market and never have to deal with this problem again. My only question to the board is that since the catera has all the electronics run through the on board computer would over riding the seurity system have a negitive effect later on. I.E. check engine light other electronics malfunctioning/not working.

your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I have an after market CD Deck already installed. Would I need the Security code to restart my electronics after new security system was installed.