: which car to buy

09-14-06, 09:56 PM
I'm back to the forum, thought I was gone forever after seeing the death of my beloved caddy due to the "headgasket" problem (that subject has been well discussed). I went benz with a w-126 560sel. great car, very reliable and classy. not slow at all, but not like wot in the northstar.
Any way, I like big luxury cars, but my biggest problem is my height, 6ft6--get it? anyway the benz just doesn't do it, and i've been looking at replacements, but nothing fits me as nicely as the devilles up to 99. the newer one shortened the seat run. so, knowing the liabilities of the northstar, i have decided to get another one but was going to hedge my bets with a warranty. but, i know that the sts ( i like 4 doors) didn't change models at 99, and that 2002 is the year the m$@$#@%$#fu$#k beancounters at gm let the engineers enlarge the headbolts and improve the block casting.
Is the 2002 sls of the old style and does it get the improved engine. any tall guys know the difference in seat travels from pre 2000 devilles to sts"s?

any comments/knowledge on aftermarket warranties. have seen quite a few scams already in research.