: exhaust sizes and upgrades?

09-14-06, 12:17 PM
whats size are the exhaust tubes on a 1995 seville sls and does anyone have any sugestions for a decently priced aftermaket performance exhaust system for my car?

09-14-06, 12:18 PM
already post
ill say it again
3 inch from the cat
2.5 inch y
2 free flowing performance mufflers

09-14-06, 12:39 PM
thanks alot been lookin all over for the sizes not to sure what company to go with tho corsa is a little to expensive for me what do you recomend?

09-14-06, 12:50 PM
corsa doesnt make a kit for your car
no one does
you need to have one custom made
i built my own at my job at an exhaust shop
it cost me 180 but thats because the boss and i are good friends and got me his discount
i got about 10 hp off it
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. (http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Cadillacetc1997)
go to the one called ETC exhaust thats what mines like and the smoke is explained

09-16-06, 01:25 PM
sounds awesome man what kind of muffler's did you use?

09-16-06, 02:30 PM
its in the description.
2 jones "full boar" performance exhuast free flow mufflers.