View Full Version : 1996 Deville with a small head gasket leak.

09-13-06, 11:21 PM
I got a 1996 Deville with a small head gasket leak on the driver side. It does not leak while the car is idling. It only leaks while you are driving the car for a bit and drips coolant on the manifold. My machanic said that GM has a leak stop that fixes small leaks for heads. Is that true?

09-14-06, 12:09 PM
Head gaskets rarely leak externally (though it is possible). GM does have a sealant (cooling system suppliment) that should be used with any coolant change as a preventative measure. It WILL NOT seal a head gasket leak if infact that is what you have. You can get them at any GM dealer or Walmart. Barsleaks tabs (HDC) or the powdered version (G12BP) is the same stuff. Put it in a radiator hose NOT the surge tank.

09-17-06, 07:32 PM
DO not put stop leak in a northstar and your headgaskets are not leaking
its the water crossover gaskets that are leaking