: Front end clunk noise fix - easy.

09-13-06, 09:27 AM
Hey I got lucky on the dreaded front end clunk / noise problem.

My top strut nut was loose. Pull the rubber cover off of the top strut mount. Under is a big nut on the top of your strut rod, if there is a shiny area around the circumference of the nut on the washer it is loose! Bounce the car while watching the nut / stud assembly I could see the clearance in mine.
You do need a big Torx socket (T-50) I think to fix - I had one designed for a 3/8 socket , you will also need a big socket for the nut 26 or 27 mm
I used an 11/16 (guessing at size again-pitiful memory) because I did not have a metric that big.

Anyway put the big socket on the nut and hold it with vice grips from the side. Then insert the T-50 torx bit through the opening on the big socket and turn ratchet COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (as if you were loosening it) this causes the strut rod to rotate up into the nut and tighten itself.
Remove tools bounce and observe- if loose tighten more.

Could also likely perform with an impact wrench on nut itself -i did not try that method.

TA-DA :bouncy: clunk gone- retire to garage fridge for beverage reward of choice!

I hope someone else can get lucky with this fix. -Matt

09-20-06, 06:22 PM
Bear in mind that im far from being a mechanic. And certainally dont want to rain on your parade. But Im wondering bout something.
Is it possible that it being loose like that is the result of something else that has previously failed ?

Just doesnt seem right that something like that would just come loose.
Sure you may have gotten lucky. But must be a reason why it came loose ?? Maybe ???
And if that is the case, then should find out what to do so that it wont come loose again.

Just wonderin is all