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09-13-06, 05:46 PM
I am new to the group, I visited last Saturday and registered today.
We purchased a 2001 Catera recently with 89k miles.
I've never owned a Cadillac so I'm kind of leary of them, I'm kind of wondering what I will be able to do to service it myself.

I have owned mainly Saturns and have been able to service them myself for the most part.

Anyway to my point.

The check engine light came on, I have two codes stored
and I'm wondering if any of you can give me any direction as to where I should start looking.

P0411 - Secondary air injection sysytem incorrect flow


P0171 - System to lean(Bank 1)
(Is bank 1 drivers side or passenger side?)

I did not do a search for these codes yet so forgive me if there are posts relating to my questions.
I like to avoid bringing a car into a shop if I can help it.