: I need a part!

09-13-06, 05:00 PM
Hey guys! First I wanna thank everyone who posts on here, I've learned so much from reading peoples' experiences. Right now my Catera is my "local car" because my tranny light comes on and goes into "limp home" mode after about 25 miles if I drive on the interstate...lol....it runs great otherwise tho. Anyway, this is my current problem (I always seem to have at least one!!). I need a blower motor resistor, my heater/ac fan will only run on high. Rockauto has them for like 135 bucks, I was wondering has anyone needed one and found it any cheaper, or does anyone have a parts car that has one? Any help would be appreciated. I have a switch rigged up on it now so when I turn it on, it will at least run on high speed (without the switch, it will run all the time, even when the car is off.......stupid caddy!!!...lol) Thanks for all that you do guys, keep up the good work, we sure need it!

09-14-06, 04:23 AM
The price for this item is likely prompted by its special form factor. Also there is a safety aspect. This thing gets hot and could start a FIRE if a substitute is unable properly to dissipate its heat. Repeating for emphasis, YOU could start a fire and burn up your Catera if you install a substitute improperly. You need to know and understand what you are doing, or have a friend close at hand who understands.

All of that said:

A resistor is a resistor. You have to get the ohms right and you have to get the heat dissipation rating, measured in watts, right. But the ability of any resistor to dissipate heat, and maintain a safe temperature, depends on its mounting situation. You might find a resistor you can use at an electronic supplier like Mouser.

It is all going to depend on the form factor, though, as explained above.