: cost of lof and tire rotate 2005 v8

09-13-06, 02:46 PM
If I buy my own mobil 1- 8 quarts , take it in to dealership, have tires rotated side by side, have them provide a filter and do any lubing, One dealer said sensors had to be reset I have checked with 3 dealers , prices are $55 or $45 or $31 with me providing the oil, also at what % on the oil monitor do you have it done? 0%, 20% 40%etc. or every 5000 miles , 10000 miles etc (this includes the tire rotation) and these are cadillac dealerships. Would appreciate your thoughts.

09-13-06, 04:06 PM
Thought #1) Change your own. It's very easy, as the filter is right up front. #2) Do not rotate the tires--says so in the owners manual. #3) The only resetting needing to be done is the "oil life", which takes 5 seconds. #4) While still in warranty, I change mine when the computer says between 5% & -0-, It's their computer, they're warrantying it. When I'm out of warranty, I'll likely change between 5,000 & 7,500 miles. It is Mobil 1, after all. :)

john d
09-13-06, 05:06 PM
Agree with sgilbert !

Kauai 1
09-13-06, 07:46 PM
Just had the Lube, Oil, Filter service done at the local Cad dealer; provided my own Mobil 1 5W-30: $21. The Mobil 1, in 5 quart containers, is priced well at Wal-Mart. I do not believe in side-to-side tire rotation.

c5 rv
09-21-06, 07:17 PM
I recently received my monthly summary from OnStar with the following service item highlighted for my SRX:

Mileage: 5,471
Tire inspection and rotation recommended.

They don't get it either.

09-25-06, 02:03 PM
I called michelin tire customer service, they said do whatever cadillac says, on my 2005 v8 awd they said based on the tires it is ok to rotate side to side, I guess this is really questionable, but seems like at 10000 miles do lof and rotate side to side if you want to, I am just thinking do not rotate, save the 20-30 dollar rotate charge and use the savings towards new tires at 50,000 miles I am guessing, on the lof sounds like about a 20-30 dollar charge if I provide my own 8 quarts of mobil one, and let the dealership do it, there can be a big differance in dealership costs, thanks again.