: Wanting to buy nice used STS V8

09-11-06, 12:22 PM
I looking to purchase a nice '05-'06 STS v8 car. I'm wanting the NAV, sunroof etc..

I'm in the process of selling my two collector Buicks in order to help fund this. (wife said I had to) I'm not big on car payments.

Anyway in a pefect world someone would take my Buicks on trade. If anyine is interested here is the info on them.
One only has 34k orginal miles Navy Blue/blue all stock except exhaust,shocks,radio/cd player(I still have all original parts) and GNX dash. $16,500
The other is a 1987 Buick Turbo -T that I purchased from the original owner. I have all the original paper work /brochures/window sticker etc... the car faxed with 92k miles on it but it had a complete rebuild/ build up about 5000 miles ago. Mods: A lot of things under the hood have been chromed or ceramic coated; including the headers and cross over pipe, valve covers, down pipe, chrome t-shield and pipes etc.
3.8 block .030 over, balanced
block girdle
Steel main caps
ARP fasteners & cylinder head studs
thermal coated TRW pistons
lunati 200/200 cam parkerized
TRW springs
ported heads w/larger valves
ported matched intake
PTE 60 turbo with turbo saver
55lb injectors
ceramic coated factory headers
Terry Houston down pipe ceramic coated
test pipe to dual flow master w/ dump
Volt booster
High performance in tank fuel pump with hot wire
Mark Jackson stretched notched intercooler
Conley cold air package w/14 inch K& N filter
Trans: factory 2004r with high performance rebuild , Art Carr 3200 stall 9" lock-up converter and Stage Right trans brake w/ BM trans cooler installed an additional drain plug for servicing the trans.)
Drive shaft loop
rear end has girdle w/ about 40,000 miles on it w/drain plug.
KB Frame braces behind seat and up front
Replaced all GNX frame bushings that were missing
All stainless steel brake lines
New brakes w/ new Kirbin Accumulator
New tires
Morso Three way adjustable race shocks
Air bag in right rear spring
pinion snubber
Interior: Grey
Custom instrument cluster by Charge Air Systems / White Auto Meter phantom gauges
GNX style w/ red back light
Stock radio
Panasonic speakers
A/C was converted to R134A- 2003
Paint is good- repainted
Interior is in excellent condition.
Excellent head liner and sun visors.
No rust & No undercoating
Price reduced to $14,500
Both are excellent examples

I can email pics or come buy and take a look. I live in SW OKC just off I-44.
Bwlong@cox.net (Bwlong@cox.net)

09-11-06, 12:38 PM
You really can't post that kind of For Sale stuff in here, and even so, you won't get any bites from a board for new STS's anyway.

If the moderators don't lock the thread, you should go back in and edit out all the stuff about what you're selling, and post it elsewhere.

As far as an STS, have you searched things like Autotrader and Ebay? There's always deals to be had there, one wide assortment of model/color/mileage/price vehicles.

09-11-06, 10:56 PM
Check out buickforums.com. I noticed GNX prices getting nicely inflated on eBay. Dealers will just rob you, of course.

Good luck!

09-13-06, 11:35 PM
Sorry I didn't realize.
I'd edit it but the edit button is gone.

09-14-06, 03:36 PM
Sorry I didn't realize.
I'd edit it but the edit button is gone.

No problem. Any luck in looking at or finding an STS yet?

09-25-06, 12:56 AM
speed11 - I hope the moderators don't lock the thread. We need to talk about my Pristine Condition '05 STS, AWD, 1SG. It has EVERY option except the engine block heater, and less than 5000 miles, Blue Chip exterior, Cashmere interior, located in TULSA.

Contact timdur@cox.net

09-25-06, 09:11 AM
My dad's place has some pretty nice V8 Demo's but were in NY. Be glad to help. :)