: Denver Auto-X for V's September 24th.

09-06-06, 09:32 PM

I have the final details for the auto-x out at DIA.

The auto-x will be held at the end of the Corvette Auto-x on September 24th. The event will be in the Mt. Elbert lot at DIA which is huge! Drivers for the event must pre-register for the event through the Down the Road Corvettes website at http://downtheroadcorvettes.org/92006_regform_flier.pdf

The form and money must be sent no later than September 18th. The fee will be $30.00 and you will get 3 runs in. All drivers must have a Snell approved helmet less than 10 years old and must be present for a 1:00 PM driver's meeting. You may purchase a trophy if you like for an additional $15. All drivers are expected to work corners for the Corvette runs prior to your race. If things go as they have in the past, we should get the v's on the track about 4:00 PM. All cars must pass a technical inspection as well. this will require your car to be jacked up to check the integrity of the suspension. DtRC will provide the jack, but if you have special jack pucks for your car, bring them.

Bring out your V and let's show the Corvettes the way around their track!


09-20-06, 05:34 PM
Is anyone coming out for the Auto-X at DIA on Sunday or will I be the only one there?

09-21-06, 09:43 AM

I just tracked my car last weekend (first time track experience) at the State Patrol Track in Golden and still have some things to do to the car before I get crazy with it again. I hope some other V's show up to represent Cadillac. Again, thanks a lot for the heads up, I just have too many things to get done to my car right now.


09-23-06, 07:52 PM
We went out and set up the course this afternoon. What a blast!

It's about 7th of a mile and I ran it in the V at 1:30 unofficially. The course is a drifters dream! I the the tail end of my girl hanging out most of the way around the track!

You're all missing out. I don't think it's too late, but registration closes at 8:15 tomorrow morning at the track. It will make for along day, but you'll have a blast!!!

09-24-06, 01:03 PM
I would have loved to have been there but……..

What time did the Vette’s finish and did the V’s get 3 runs in?

09-25-06, 10:54 AM
Wow what fun! There were fewer Corvette's than were anticipated, so I put the V on the track a little before 2 PM. I was the only V there.

To give you an idea, my best run on the course in the V was a 1:25:68. Most of the Corvettes were around 1:30. I ran the course in my GrandSport at 1:22:488. There was a new Z06 there and his best run was a 1:25:9. Becuase I was the only V there, I didn't have time to adjust tire pressures and the tires were way overinflated by the last run. I think with a little tuning of the tire pressures, I could easily have trimmed a couple of more seconds off my time.

It was great fun as I got to use my heel/toe downshifting in two places on the course.