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the little STS
02-17-04, 07:34 AM
anyone know of little things u can do to ur car to increase horsepower
if u know plz tell me

02-17-04, 11:12 AM
There are no cheap speed secrets. Speed costs money...how fast do you want to go...???? LOL

The Northstar is already a pretty potent package. All the "low hanging fruit" has been picked to make it as fast as it is from the factory. Keep in mind that it is a 280 cubic inch engine that is already making 300 HP in the L37 state of tune. That is over 1 HP per cubic inch from the factory. Also realize that you have an automatic transmission and a 4000+ pound car. You are not going to do simple , cheap things to make it faster. The car is already on the "expensive" part of the speed curve. It is hard to make small engines in heavy cars go fast and a lot of attention was paid to the Northstar system to optimize it for the performance that it has already.

02-17-04, 12:17 PM
some of these questions have been asked soooooooooooooo many times you don't even need to do a search, i should be on the 1st page

you can mod your airbox, get a k&N (caddyinfo.com)

for about $400 you can do a budget performance exhaust (2.5 piping, highflow cat, dynomax superturbo muffs), that setup cost me $170 for the labor, $40 for the cat, $110 for the mufflers, $60 for the tips

id through a resonator in there too, even a cherrybomb for like $40, i diidn't but wish i had, little bit of drone

02-17-04, 01:07 PM
Remberwhen you go fast make sure you have top performance brakes..I'm addding powerstop drilled rotors.

the little STS
02-17-04, 03:15 PM
wat about msd ignition and like wires and stuff like that???

02-17-04, 09:11 PM
MSD hasn't helped me. Car runs smoother actually with it disconnected. Properly tuned, it might help, mine hasn't been tweaked properly I don't think.

02-17-04, 10:56 PM
wat about msd ignition and like wires and stuff like that???

There is no HP in spark. There just needs to be enough spark to ignite the mixture in the chamber and the production system is perfectly capable of that. The voltage level only rises in the ignition to the level required for the spark to jump the gap. It doesn't matter if the system has the potential to make 35 Kv (stock) or 50Kv (aftermarket claims) you'll only see 20 Kv on the secondary ignition leads going to the plugs if you look at it with a scope...

The big voltage claims by the aftermarket systems are just that....big claims. For the most part they do little or nothing. Unless you start modifying the engine heavily and require more voltage to fire the plugs due to compression, excess dilution due to a big cam overlap, etc.... the production ignition works just fine.

02-26-04, 07:13 PM
I have found some parts on www.domesticperformance.com and a chip on www.superchips.com