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09-04-06, 06:56 PM

Have you ever seen the battery indicator on the dashboard light up (other than in test mode at bootup)?

My battery died at a restaurant this afternoon and driving over there, everything seemed normal - voltmeter normal, no dashboard indiators lit. This has happened every time my battery and/or alternator has died on the Catera in the past 10 years. Owners of other Cadillacs have told me the same thing - no warnings.

The only tipoff I got that the battery was dying was that when I started it this morning, it seemed to take just a fraction of a second longer to start but I was not sure. Not the old days when cars had carbs and you could crank them for 10 seconds or more with a weak battery, just maybe a second and a half rather than a second, but I noticed it. What good are the dashboard warnings? Are they supposed to light up after the battery is already dead?

'97 Original Owner

09-05-06, 06:27 AM
The light does not indicate a weak battery. It lights up when there is something wrong with the generator, e.g. it produces not enough voltage to load the battery.