: Vibration

09-03-06, 09:56 PM
Just bought a 2006 STS Northstar. Didn't take it on the highway before the purchase:nono:

First highway trip, car had a terrible vibration from 60-70. The dealer force balanced the wheels and tires, and said "the left front tire was out-of-round +110".

They replaced the left front tire and said everything was good to go. Made a second trip on the highway this weekend. Vibration is still there but less.

Has anyone had a similar problem and what is the fix, tire pressure, wheel balance not on a force machine,??

Help, this is not good for a first time Cadillac buyer.

Thanks for the help.

Benjamin Simon
09-04-06, 12:18 AM
Get a hunter road force balance. My 99 STS drove with alot of vibration. Now... it is great. For some reason these cars are just that way. A easy $45 fix. Dont do it at caddy, they will want $250. Or atleast mine did.

09-04-06, 03:07 AM
Some leftover cars stay untouched for a long time... that will affect tires and arms around em... that happens with some leftovers...

what I suggest is to drive it back to the dealer and ask them to look at it again...

but if you wanna do it on your own... try to switch tires... switch front-left with rear-right ... and front-right with rear-left .... it won't cost you... and see how it goes...

but my suggestion is that you let the dealer do whatever they wanna do since it is under warranty...

Benjamin Simon
09-04-06, 05:25 AM
Yea, it is a new car. Tell the Dealer to fix that. If he does not know what to do, demand the hunter road force.
In my 99, you could not talk without your voice shaking at 65 mph. Now there is a hint of the road at 90.