: Stability and AWD saved me today

09-02-06, 06:46 PM
I was on an unfamiliar road driving my new 2006 red STS4 1SC... just picked it up from the dealer, and was on an unfamiliar ramp from one highway to the next.. I hit it going too fast (raining today in LI, NY) around a sharp curve, hit the brakes but it was too late... I just steered and was on the brakes, I had already lost control of the car, only to be saved by the stability control and AWD. I was about 5-10 feet from a ditch and landing my new car on its roof. Thats my story.. I swear by this car!! When my lease is up, I'll get another one (OK maybe an 08 or 09 CTS we'll see). My other STS is RWD, and I'm glad I wasn't driving that one!!

~ Joseph

c5 rv
09-02-06, 08:06 PM
Good save. But, if you were just steering and on the brakes, how did AWD help? It sounds more like a testimonial for Stabilitrak and ABS.

09-02-06, 09:14 PM
Good point! Both my left wheels were off the payment in the dirt (hopefully no alignment/suspension issues). With RWD, I may have gotten stuck in the dirt. Thankfully, I'll never know! :bouncy: