: Brand new 2005 model at local dealer

09-01-06, 08:31 PM
If anyone is interested in a deal on a leftover 2005 STS, check out the link belowr. They have had this car for over 2 yrs and it won't sell?? Its has Redline Paint, V8, light neutral interior..

Curious to see what they would sell this car for. When I bought my CTS, it was sitting next to this one and this one had a sticker around 49.

New-Inventory Marquette Public Service Garage Marquette MI (http://www.publicservicegarage.com/New-Inventory.aspx?InventoryId=11452283)

btw-Just a interested Cadi fan, do not work for the dealer or would gain anything if they sold it, here is the name of my salesman (fellow legionaire) if you want a name to talk to, Rob Neuman.

09-01-06, 09:53 PM
the pics that it shows are of a black one?

09-02-06, 07:21 AM
I notice, all the cars just show a generic images, there is a VIN on that page for reference and one of my reasons for linking to it. Since its a 2005, it probably does not fit with the current 2006/2007 model data is grabs from GM/Edmunds.

I understand they are going thru a major overhaul of their web site.

c5 rv
09-02-06, 08:28 PM
Not very surprising:

- Location is the UP of Michigan, meaning lots of snow and long distances between cities and other Cadillac dealers for dealer swaps.

- Car is a RWD, base, V8 unit.

Down here in southern Michigan, dealers order mainly 4WD trucks and AWD SRX & STS units because of customer demand. I'm one of those folks who grew up driving RWD cars and prefer them. I always have to have the dealer do a search and dealer swap to find a lower priced, more reliable RWD truck or my SRX.

09-04-06, 07:57 PM
This Dealer is largest in the UP. They sell 100's of GMC trucks. Lots of Cadi. The owner told me they sell 75-100 vehicle's a month. No Chevy but all the rest. Best sevice dept also.

I am like you, hate FWD cars. had several in the 90's most chevys and found they are junk. Best was a 95 Park Ave but that was a boat.

SRX are popular up here as are Escalade's. Randy Mackey lives here (Houghton area) and I saw him drivng a black Escalade ESV (suburban style).

Not a lot of CTS up here tough, some but not widely seen yet some lady has one same color as mine.