: OnStar-Virtual Advisor

08-29-06, 04:00 PM
Those that use the "VA" for traffic reports probably noticed that back in May when they upgraded the host system that it started to miss-report the time of any reported incidents.

Minor annoyance but after over three months I would have thought they could get it fixed by now.

So for grins I called OnStar to report the problem to:

A) Make sure they really knew about it and were actively working it.


B) To just make sure it wasn't a configuration issue that was being caused or miss-reported just by my system.

The initial rep said they would probably need to reset the in-car system to clear it which leaned towards option (B). They then transferred me over to a CSR.

They in-turn immediately acknowledged it was a known issue that they were working but did not have a published fix date for as yet.

They then said that they would credit me for any/all minutes used accessing the system during the problem period.

I explained that I didn't use any minutes as the first year of "Directions & Connections" includes "VA" access for Caddy owners. The CSR actually insisted on crediting me the minutes, looked it up and had it done in a few seconds.

Sooooo, long story short. Feel free to give them a call should you be so inclined...:bouncy: