08-29-06, 03:50 PM
Hello I am a V owner and i am a victim of incompetance:thepan:
I was schedualed to pic up my car on saturday at a pembroke pine dealer but it was not ready; No problem, I can wait. They decided to call me today at 2:30 in the afternoon and let me know that the car is ready and i should come pick it up, mind you southflorida is under hurricane watch and I work for a shutter company. I explain to them that it is not possble for me to go get the car and that they should have let me know in advance due to the storm that is comming( maybe sometime in the morning).
My advisor said, "Well everything is done we fixed it all and you have a rental car so we might have to charge you."
are you kidding me, where do they get the nerve. No problem i'll pay ( 40 bucks come on, they are the ones that loose next time).
The best part is when I went by a couple of days ago because they said they found nothing wrong with the car it had a flat tire, and they wanted me to test drive it and show them the problmes. Well new problem you guys drove over a nail and screwd my new tires,atleast tech admited it probably happenned there and it would be fixed, Any how that has not been fixed and my advisor expected me to actually pick up my car, ayayayayayay. How do they get the balls. They tell us that our car always goes into first and reverse with no problem, (proved them wrong on that one)

any how just had to rant about service, cadillac needs to look into little things like this. shucks they broke my nav disk and it has been two months and supposedly it is still in back order , come onnnnnnnn
O well have a good one guys and enjoy the V

08-29-06, 03:54 PM
Make sure you put this in the faq.
Cadillac DealerRank: Rank the Service of your Cadillac Dealer (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/dealerrank/index.php)

08-29-06, 05:21 PM
You now have more problems then when you went in to the dealer... thats why i try to stay away form the dealer and everyone thinks they no whats best for your car....

08-29-06, 06:42 PM
I would say they fix my problems, thanx to a good tech there but my advisor is the pitts, I mean come one 50something old guy, try to move up in the world and give us some good service, ( will speak highly of you make you look good)

Now unfortunatly the tech is in vegas and the other gus follow the book,
"nope your car is good, we can replicate problem" they just saved gm 2 grand.

o well, good techs for the v but awefull service and advisors.:eek:

O well there is nothing more to do here than:alchi: damn you weak tropical storm, thank god I got prociutto and black label yesterday.:highfive:

The manager will hear an ear full, I can guarantee it.