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02-15-04, 07:40 PM
Hey Guys,

I am a new member and first time posting. It seems like everyone on here really knows their stuff so I thought I'd ask. I cleaned my TB today (still on car) thanks to the info from here. I disconnected the (-) battery cable during the procedure. When I went on the test drive after it was cleaned and turned on my turn signal to the left, there was a buzzing sound coming from under the dash. It buzzed each time the turn signal flashed. It did not do it when the right turn signal was activated. I am mentioning the TB cleaning because the turn signals never did this until after I did the cleaning. I am sure they are not related just wanted to include this. Got home and the car sat for a few hours. Got in it to run and grab dinner and the turn signals did not work at all. I jiggled them a bit and turned them on/off quite a few times. Turned the car off and back on and now they seem to work fine. Any ideas? Possible relay going soon? Thanks and I appreciate any advice. FYI .. the TB cleaning worked out very well. I couldn't believe the throttle response and how much easier it was to mash the accelerator pedal. I've had the car about a month and a half and it has 60,000 miles. 97 Deville D'elegance:hmm:

02-17-04, 11:48 PM

I had a similar experience with my '93 STS, and ended up replacing the turn signal switch. Not a very expensive part, but a bit of labor involved, having to pull the air bag and steering wheel to get to it... My switch had a lot more miles when it went bad than your car has, but you probably use your turn signals more than I do (I'm from Boston, we consider using one's turn signals as "giving information to the enemy".) :)

02-18-04, 10:09 PM
Thanks for your help Raven but since no one had any suggestions for me until now I went ahead and went to my local Cadillac dealership this afternoon after they decided to stop completely this morning on the way into my office. After $90 for an electrical diagnosis, $47.22 for a part they called the "flasher" and a few misc shop charges I got out of there for $157. The "flasher" is located under the dash on the driver's side of the car. The only reason I didn't replace it myself is because I didn't want to get into the "replace every part" until it fixes the problem game. I also knew if it was in the steering wheel I didn't want to fool around with diabling the SIR. Kinda sucks it cost so much but my service department is wonderful. They also got me in and out in less than half an hour without an appointment and they always wash/dry and vacuum.

Thanks for your help though. :D