: Buy Your New Caddy Now!

04-01-03, 06:34 PM
starting today unil 4/30/03 GM is offering 0% finnacing for the WHOLE 60 MONTHS on almost all new GMs! For thoes who qualify with 12% down.

Im not advertising, im passing on info in today's Wall Street Journal!

now is the time to get your new caddy! so hurry up!

04-01-03, 09:05 PM
How long will this last? Maybe we should make it a sticky topic.

04-01-03, 09:11 PM
it ends 4/30/03... so one month only! get your's now! :banana:

04-02-03, 02:08 PM
I am looking for the new Escalade? What kind of discounts hsould I expect on the truck?

04-02-03, 02:42 PM
Where you been? GM started that right after 9/11 and has been doing it on and off ever since. Unfortunately, theye are taking a lot of heat over it. Lord knows they're killing GMAC as well as lease residuals.

04-02-03, 02:55 PM
This is from automotive news:

GM's offers are broader than the deals launched after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. U.S. auto sales this spring could fall below expectations because of the war in Iraq and a weak domestic economy.

But GM says consumer confidence, which had hit decade lows before the Iraq war, seems to be rebounding a bit.

GM's new deals include all its models except the low-volume Hummer SUVs. Instead of the loan offers, GM is offering a $3,000 rebate on most models, with four models getting a $2,000 rebate.

Like you said:*just love to be a trouble-maker

:D :D :D

04-02-03, 03:06 PM
In some cases you come out cheaper buying a new one than a slightly used one.

04-02-03, 03:42 PM
the 0% that GM used to do was only for 36 months and not on all vehicles. this new one is 0% for 60 months on all (except the hummer). That includes all cadillacs and Saabs. if you dont want the 0% you can take $3000 cash back.

I dont know for sure though, but for a while they have been doing a GM loyalty where you can trade in any old GM and get an additional $3000 off. I dont know if you can take that with the 0% though.

As for the escalade, its 0% financing for 60 months (for qualified buyers). BUT you have to put 12% down, so on an escalde you are looking at putting down $6200 or more, depending on the total cost.