: Life of Replacement Tires

08-27-06, 09:50 AM
Alright, I am at the wear bar on my Bridgestones and ready to go for my 3rd set of tires. Spare me all the "this is an expensive car with a big V8, so don't expect to get tires with great wear" non-sense....I basically have found that whatever the new tire you get, the answer is basically the same...They are good, but just not the same as the F-1's. Therefore, what's the best life anyone has gotten out of a set of tires OTHER than F-1's? I have 20k on my Bridgestones and they are toast...Now this is much better than the 9k i got out of the F-1's and I am happy, but still just wondering if anyone is getting anything better with a different tire...Thanks in advance for the help...

08-27-06, 02:04 PM
20k-30k is the best you can get with the kinds of tires availible for a CTSV or similiar vehicle.

Are you still using runflats?

08-27-06, 10:17 PM
i agree, but exactly what mileage are people getting on each tire...I am not on runflats...

08-27-06, 11:03 PM
Well, I pulled the GSD3's with about 15K miles on them (very aggressive driving) and I'd guess they would have lasted another 15K more. I did my best to toast the rears before retiring them (no pun intended) :D


08-28-06, 01:28 AM
Since the GSD3' s have a directional tread do you simply swap back to front when rotating (or shall I say back and forthing)???


08-29-06, 01:12 PM
Do you guys not rotate the GSD3's..................................Bueller... .......................Bueller............Anyone anyone???


08-29-06, 01:16 PM
I am rotating my tires every 5K miles and I am not having any problems with them.

08-29-06, 03:52 PM
I have 5000 on my RSA run flats on an 05 that I just rotated and the tread wear indicated 10/32nds left on the rears and 11/32nds on the fronts. I thought that was very good. I drive them spiritedly, no burnouts.

08-30-06, 10:20 AM
GSD3s are at 20k and have plenty left in them. I'm going to guess 30k total. F1s got me at 11k.

08-30-06, 09:42 PM
so3 -- 6k miles, ,,,gsd3s -- 9k miles,,, how do u guys get so many miles out of your tires?

08-30-06, 09:52 PM
Best tire so far the Nittos 555s. Ask KeeksV only 190 each and we used them all the time on the drift V. IF they can hold up to that abuse they can hold up to what you can do. here you go. this is after 1 day or practice and then the drift even and the burnout at the end. Plus we still drove it out after that

http://pathogenproductions.vidiac.com/category/Drift-Caddy/0/f8eef1bc-d6d9-4cb5-8cad-d3729ca633ff.htm (http://pathogenproductions.vidiac.com/category/Drift-Caddy/0/f8eef1bc-d6d9-4cb5-8cad-d3729ca633ff.htm)