: Any arse shots of the STS YET??

02-15-04, 04:18 AM
Ok so one of the final deciding factors for me on whether this thing is going to bite the dust or not in my book is the a*ss end of it, yet I havent seen one butt shot yet.

02-15-04, 11:30 PM
Ya, I wouldn't be surprised if they are keeping the model under wraps until the New York Auto Show in April. I believe they just posted that (small) front image of the car just as a teaser until the release the final car in April..... sometimes providing a teaser like that is just as bad as not even knowing anything about the car at all. :suspense:

02-16-04, 05:54 PM
anyone know the site that has the listing of when the auto show will be where?? looking for minneapolis mn

thanks....hopefully it will be after the new york show, so it will be in the minneapolis show too! we got shafted last year, no GTO, no bonnie GXP, no cts-v (if it was even in the shows last year), nothing really to special