: HI first Cadillac Catera

08-26-06, 05:40 PM
Hi from SO. Ca I just bought a 1999 Cadillac Catera the people I got it from just did the heads because there kid drove it for awhile with a crack in the radiator he clued and didn't tell them about . I was told it only needed a windshield and new radiator . well what was I thinking, I tried to flush out the oil in the system for a week and a half . I think there is still a problem, and oil is still going in the coolant some were . I thought I got most of it out and went for a drive about 20 miles there and 20 back oil light came on for a second and when I got home the coolant bottle looked like a peanut butter milkshake for the top 2" or so . I don't know what to do now I found a new eng for 1499 but way started out as a good deal and a beautiful car has got costly fast any ideas would help. Also car runs great and I know the heads were done I saw the car wile the heads were at the shop .
Any ways this is a very cool forum seems like many nice people here
Thanks Rob

Lord Cadillac
08-26-06, 08:15 PM
Welcome aboard, Rob! Thank you for signing up!

08-27-06, 10:36 AM
Welcome to the site!

08-27-06, 03:14 PM
Welcome Rob!

Thanks for the kind words about the site. I am not that familiar with the Cat so i will move this post over to that section. Some of the guys over there should be able to help. Good luck.

08-27-06, 08:17 PM
There is sticky post on the top in Catera forum that should get you started about coolant and oil mixing.

08-28-06, 04:53 PM
Yea, prob the oil cooler...

08-28-06, 10:52 PM
Is doing the oil cooler a hard job, dose the whole Eng. have to be tore down will i need a complete gasket set. the only place i found a cooler it is 495.00 . is there any thing i should do to check the Eng. before i buy and do this
Thanks Rob

this is a cool site Help so fast and so much

08-31-06, 02:26 PM
HI All

I found it was that oil cooler did Exhaust gas test 3 times to be sure took the cooler out it was bad. i ordered one for a 2000 Saturn for 1/3 the price and now just waiting for it to get here. also waiting for that 5 wire o2 sensor so i can clear the codes
Thank you all so much for all the help this place is truly great

09-04-06, 02:05 PM
still waiting for parts

09-07-06, 01:10 PM
Hey, I had the same problem a couple of months ago and I resealed my oil cooler. I was just wondering what is the Exhaust gas test and how do you do it?

09-07-06, 11:09 PM
the Exhaust gas test. Ment to say Combustion Leak Test.It is to tell you if Combustion gases are in the cooling sys. (blown head gasket, cracked head or block ) you can pick a kit up at
Universal Test Tools BT-500 - Combustion Leak Test Kit - S&J's Tools (http://www.sjdiscounttools.com/ttibt-500.html)
or some of the better auto parts stores have them

09-12-06, 11:58 PM
Got parts it was not that hard to get to it sounds more scary then it is.
What a mess how could they even but such a piece of $^@& in any car.
I put the old cooler under pressure with some dish soap on it for fun it blew bubbles from about 18 different places. Should be back on the road tomorrow
Thanks for all your help very cool site. Great people.