: Any lawyers or legal type people...I need help!

Poopie D
08-25-06, 08:14 PM
Here is my story:

I bought my V in Washington state at a Cadillac dealer back in May. I sent this email to finalize my purchase:

> Just to confirm and clarify the details:
> - $37,500 for the vehicle, all inclusive.
> - Cadillac Certified Pre-owned Warranty to 100k miles until August 2010
> - Remainder of Factory 4yr/50k mile warranty until August 2008
> - $500 Shop Credit (I assume this includes parts dept as well?)
> - The vehicle has not been in an accident/flood damaged or rebuild
> - The vehicle comes with owners Manual, DVD navagation disc, two keys, two keyless entry fobs and floor mats

I have an email response from the salesman that states:

Quote: Everything you have listed is acceptable, and approved

This is where my problems begin. About a day later the salesman calls me and says that if I want, I could pay for $750 more for the car and they would put brand new tires on it. I said to do it (nothing in writing).

I send the money, we do the deal and I get the car delivered. I then noticed right away that the tires were not new and call the salesman. The salesman said he would look into it. A few days later, he said that they made a mistake and that he would be crediting me back the money.

Fast forward 4 months of dicking around and over 100 emails back and forth with every excuse in the book for not sending the money...I finally call the dealership owner and tell him my story.

Turns out that there is no Cadillac certified pre-owned warranty, they will not give me one now and they will not refund me what I paid extra for the car because they said I signed some document that states that the car was sold "as is".

I have no idea what to do...I had to buy new tires, and I am out a certified warranty and $750 bucks. I guess my question to you guys is what next? Is the confirmation email I posted above enough to fight these guys? I asked the owner of the dealership why anyone would pay more for the vehicle than what I already negotiated...he said that a deal is only finalized when the sales manager stamps it...not the salesperson.

Sorry this so long...I hope it makes sense. I need advice!!!

08-25-06, 08:17 PM
I smell a lawsuit...

Exactly why I hate car dealerships. You might as well have been bent over when they handed you the keys. This situation sucks big time.

08-25-06, 09:59 PM
You might have a pretty decent fraud case. It sure looks as if they knew at the time they made the deal (the promises as outlined in your E mail to them) they were misleading you which is usually the hardest element of fraud to prove. I do not know the laws in Washington, but you may want to contact the bar association in the city where you bought the car and they should be able to refer you to a few lawyers who might be intrested on a contingency basis.

Also, hopefully Washington has some laws similar to here in California about unfair business practices which would give your position some extra weight.

Good luck and go get em.