: GC. collar adjustment?

08-25-06, 01:32 PM
So i've installed the fronts and have a couple questions. 1.Are we supposed to reinstall the little gold end cap back onto the shock after you put the sleeve on?(I'm getting some noise and wondering if thats what it may be)2.Why is it so hard to adjust the ride hight with that tool? i took out the tightening bolt on the collar but its near impossible to crank it. Any tricks to make it spin easier?

08-25-06, 04:02 PM
Are you jacking the car up? How much preload (tension) is on the spring?

08-25-06, 05:05 PM
I jacked the car up, took wheel off and even disconnected the boltfrom the swing arm to the bar going to the wheel.:eek: .still tuff as shit!!???????

08-25-06, 11:17 PM
If you have the Zo6 endlinks you may need to disconnect them. The reason is because the endlinks are shorter, when you jack the car up the arm is not dropping as far down(and releasing the tension) as it would have with the stock endlinks. But I must add that I have no difficulties adjusting mine without removing the wheel.

Try rotating the spring a little until it "seats" should help with the noise.

08-26-06, 12:17 AM
Gold cap goes back on - but probably not a huge deal if you left it off. I doubt it would contribute to any noise.

I, too, have Z06 endlinks and no problem adjusting the spring collars BY HAND (no wrench) or on occassion I've used a belt wrench. Just jack the car up, loosen the pinch bolt, and spin the collar!


08-26-06, 07:58 AM
I dont have z06 endlinks cause i dont have hotchkis bars. i dont understand what the problem is. WHat do they mean when they say make sure the snap ring is captured? all i could do was slide the sleeve over the shock and onto the the ring on the bottom of it. It didnt snap or engage or anything, the sleeve just slipps over the ring a couple millimeters and sits there freely. Am i missing something? Springs are seated well, i cant even turn them.

Also looking at dreamins pics in the FAQ. i see u have some sort of spacer between the spring and the bottom of the collar in the front. was i supposed to get something like that as well? When i got my kit, i was missing the hardened washers and the top mounts for the front. I had to call and get them shipped out. Makes me wonder if i'm issing anything else that was maybe supposed to be attached to the sleeves or something like those spacers in ur pics or something in the bottom of the sleeve to help actually CAPTURE the snap ring. Like i said, the sleeve is just sitting on that ring spinning freely, not locked in or anything.

08-26-06, 02:34 PM
Dont know why it's so hard to turn, maybe something wrong with the threads. You'll need to call GC.

Nothing should be between the bottom of the spring and the height adjuster... the part on my car (in FAQ) was not necc. and was deleted from the kit.

08-26-06, 03:57 PM
The snap rings you are referring to are the rings on the bottom of the shock body that you've captured already - no worries there. I have nothing between the springs and collars on my car.

Are you certain you've backed off the pinch bolts enough?


08-26-06, 05:35 PM
I ran into a snag as well. My car is at the shop and I was supposed to pick it up today but they noticed a polyurethane bushing was missing for the front. Now it won't be ready till Wednesday. Moral of the story, everyone should check their kits. This is the third case I've heard where some items are missing in the kit. ;)