: rims?

02-14-04, 09:43 PM
Can you fit 24 inch rims on a cadillac eldorado?? i dont wanna buy the rims if they wont fit....thanx in advance

02-14-04, 10:27 PM
Those rims will not fit not even close, you can fit 22s but it is but I would not suggest it, I would only run 20s if you want no rubbing, and a clean look.

02-15-04, 08:34 PM
i agree, maybe 21'' giovanna dramas but it all depends on how your pockets look . But 24's? what the hell? no sir those are only for SUV's and box chevys

02-16-04, 04:00 PM
What year is your car with those clean wheels? I have posted before trying to find out what kind of wheels and tires they are and what size. Let me know....I have an '89 deville and dont know what kind of wheels to put on...small wires with white walls or raise the air suspension and in or two and put twenties.

02-19-04, 05:58 PM
Hey Cadillac6 are those daytons on that Deville I have that car except mine is Silver... I like those rims. If they are daytons what size and does anyone know where to get a good deal on rims?