: Check Coolant Level

08-25-06, 11:45 AM
Anyone else ever have to add a pint of liquid to their cooling system? I had to today. I noticed the warning was coming on the past couple times I drove, so I checked the level and it was a pint low. Arent these sealed systems?

I hope I dont have a bad radiator, I looked at some past posts and saw that this was an issue for some people.

ndogg ct
08-25-06, 12:33 PM
sorry to tell you more than likely it's your radiator..
although it took me a good 2k till it got really bad in my car so it should'nt be anything major right now...

08-25-06, 02:01 PM
Had to add coolant once. Radiator was leaking. Check cadillacfaq.com for details on the problem and if your car build # is in the range listed for the TSB. Dealer replaced the radiator - no questions. As I recall the leakage problem was on the lower radiator neck.

08-25-06, 02:06 PM
I'll take a look, I'm not too concerned since its still under warranty, but I'll see how long it takes before it warns me again.


08-25-06, 04:37 PM
/begin rant

I am on my 3rd radiator and I am STILL getting the check coolant level message. This is f'ing bull$hit. I own a $50k car not a f'ing beater. I shouldn't have to top off fluids every god damn week.


/end rant

08-25-06, 04:37 PM
I filled mine and it came on again. Caddy pressure tested it and said it was good. Its lighting up again. What next.

08-25-06, 04:43 PM
I filled mine and it came on again. Caddy pressure tested it and said it was good. Its lighting up again. What next.

Same here. Tell them to replace it again, although that may or may not prevent it from happening again. They seem to be good at wasting parts on repeat warranty replacements instead of actually finding the root of the cause.

Forgot to mention: So I go back to the dealership 2 weeks after the last radiator replacement and tell the service writer that the check coolant level message is coming on again. He goes out and checks the level himself, sees that it is low, goes and grabs a large bottle of DexCool or whatever they use, and, without the use of a funnel or semi-accurate aim, pours it into my coolant tank. This shit goes everywhere in my engine bay, with some going into the coolant tank eventuall. He puts the cap back on, closes the hood, and says OK, you're ready to go. I stood there in amazement/disbelief at what had just happened. Got in my car, drove away, thinking wow, I am never buying another GM vehicle, and as soon as I get my next commission check I am buying a 996TT :rant2: :bigroll:

Needless to say, a week after this incident the message has come back on!! I am hesitant to return to the dealer without demanding a GM buy-back consideration. Whats my next step?

Rich H
08-25-06, 05:09 PM
Sometimes the dealers learn only by hands-on experience the hard way - although any bystander with some logical reasoning could figure it out. Case in point - I complained to the service writer that my radiator hoses were collapsing when the engine cooled down. That indicated to me that the coolant reservoir cap was likely not working in the vacuum relief mode. I suggested they simply replace the cap. The writer calmly replied that a "hi-tech" engine such as that in the CTSV should be more thoroughly checked out and suggested I leave it overnight. I refused and requested they give me a replacement cap that I could take home and replace when the engine cooled off. They finally agreed simply to replace the cap but insisted that it be replaced at the shop (under warranty) and tried to remove the old cap while the engine was hot - spraying coolant all over the engine bay.

The new cap fixed the problem - but what should have been an easy fix turned into a mess. I should have just bought the cap and done it myself. :mad:

08-26-06, 02:04 AM
case and point: Cadillac DealerRank: Rank the Service of your Cadillac Dealer (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/dealerrank)

GM dealers can be crappy... they are not all like Lindsay cadillac. Those guys at Lindsay KNOW HOW TO DEAL with V owners and FIX IT RIGHT... I say that having never been there, but getting more answers from them via e-mail and phone than I get at my dealer 2 miles away (and Lindsay is 3000 miles away)

Dear GM,
Ask James and ewill what they do and then replicate that across the country and I am sure you will NOT have people saying "I will never buy another GM again!"

kudos to those dealers who do it right, but they are few and far between... That is why the FAQ exists.