View Full Version : Anyone install an overhead DVD system?

08-25-06, 09:50 AM
Has anyone had an overhead DVD system installed in their SRX?

I would like recommendations if you have them.

08-25-06, 12:44 PM
Additionally... if anyone is aware of the "source" capability of the standard stereo head unit. I would prefer not to use FM modulation. Does the standard head unit have the capability to utilize input for an additional source by pressing the "source" button.

Present unit has radio and 6 CD changer in an '04.

08-28-06, 07:43 AM
Overhead DVD system seems only possible for the 3rd row. There is no dropped ceiling to anchor the screen. If you try to drill into the flat ceiling, you will drill right through the roof. All of this is assuming that you don't have the Ultra-View. I don't have the Ultra-View and installed the flip-down for the 3rd row. I installed headrest monitors for the second row.

08-28-06, 12:34 PM
my SRC came with an overhead DVD unit when I bought it factory certified. It uses FM modulation, but I can't tell, it sounds AWESOME! I'm not sure how it's mounted, but it is right between the front two seats on the ceiling so the 2nd & 3rd row seats can see it.


08-28-06, 08:45 PM
Don't install a DVD in the roof.

I had one installed one in my Escalade and have regretted it ever since. Why?

1. I hit my head on it every time I back up or have to swat the kids in the back seat. (I am 6'4" as a contribution)
2. When it's down you cannot see a thing out the rear window.

If you can, install them in the headrests. Further you can also get 2 separate DVD's so each rug rat can watch whatever they want. (If you have more than one kid, you know what I mean)

None of this affects the sound quality, although FM modulation if you wish to play it through all the car speakers can get scratchy as you travel. Wireless headphones, allow you as the driver to not be distracted by whatever movie is on that you can't watch.

Good Luck

08-29-06, 12:57 PM
Thanks for the info...
The local car audio/video place that I have gone to in the past said "No issue" with the overhead mount... maybe they use Liquid Nail? I don't know how they mount without drilling.
I have thought about the view blockage... but have relied on side view mirrors before.
As far as the kids go... I will let my wife deal with that from the passenger seat :thepan: .
The owner of the local car audio/video place said that he has the headrest models in his Escalade... and his wife hates them 'cause they are harder, bigger, and they heat up.

08-30-06, 01:44 PM
I had overhead in my Tahoe and totally agree with the view/head hitting problem. It looked cool, but was a pain.

For the SRX, I simply bought my son a $100.00 non-skip shock resistant portable model (Polaroid). It can run on A/C, D/C, or a rechargable battery. All adapters, the battery w/ charger, and headphones were included at that price. Plus he can listen to CDs if he chooses. AND, we can use it in any vehicle, on a plane, in his room, camping, waiting at a doctor's office, etc. I thought the installed DVD players were the best when they first came out. But this is much much easier. Plus, if it breaks ever, I simply go get another one. Finally, when the vehicle is shut off for re-fueling, quick run into a store, etc, the movie does not get interrupted. That was an issue w/ the installed overhead.

One caveat, the child needs to probably be at least four or five, so he/she can control the functions and be trusted not to drop it. I did also get a mounting "thingy" that uses the headrests to secure it - but it is more trouble than it is worth. So he simply holds it in his lap. He has has both now (overhead and portable) and prefers the portable.