: window tint

08-24-06, 08:07 PM
has anybody tinted there catera's windows? im going to be getting mine done sometime soon. my catera is black. im thinking about going limosine dark on the back half of the car(8%), a step up from that on the front drivers and passengers side(13%) and something real light on the windshield(60%). post pictures of yours if you've done it.

08-24-06, 08:19 PM
In most states now, it's illegal to have any tint below 35% on any part of your car. Most people that do it have no idea until they're pulled and ticketed or fail their state inspection. Check your state DMV site for the laws before you do it, or you may be wasting your money. Just a suggestion.

08-24-06, 08:23 PM
i've read the laws for my state(california). my front sides are supposed to be 70% and nohting on the windshield. the other 3 cars in my family all have there windows tinted and we've never had a problem with it.

08-24-06, 09:45 PM
Well, I think it's just irresponsible to tint windshield :)

I have 20% 3M film all the way around - never had problems with police. Interior stays much cooler, AC works less. I'm happy with factory tint on my 2001 - the only cons - radar doesn't work thru this tint :crybaby:

BTW, how correct to calculate percentage of light that goes thru the tint right way: glass itself transfers, let's say, only 90% (windshield even less because of "triplex"), so if you put 20% tint - it won't be 20% transfer rate - it will be 20% of 90%...

PS I posted some pics in the topic about lowering springs.

08-27-06, 12:23 AM
my catera has seen about 15 states and i got about 8 total tickets for my window tint which is 4% or 5% had tickets for both so they are really dark. but i do not have my windshield tinted. i will have to say that iowa is the biggest state to bust me for window tint. they have given me 3 tickets they use to charge me 36$ now it went up to 45$ but the biggest hassle is they always want to search the car and it takes awhile. I know I can refuse the search but then they make you sit there still they get a k-9 out to sniff around the car. they can search it and i am back on the road again cause it really takes for ever for the dog to show up. So if you break the law for window tint make sure you don't break other laws and have stuff in your car that is not suppose to be there.

09-04-06, 10:07 AM
i live in ohio and our laws are 50% front and anything rear. I have 30% all the way around and I love it. window tint is a great upgrade to the catera but you need to watch out for the tickets that will come if you go too dark for your state. check you local laws or call a local shop and they will fill you in on the laws and the cost