View Full Version : Racquetball...

04-01-03, 02:49 PM
Anyone here play?

04-01-03, 03:40 PM
Nah. I wish I did, though. It's fun...

04-01-03, 04:09 PM
Yea...I quickly became addicted. Play 3-4 times a week now. Been using cheap equipment, getting ready to dump some real cash into a nice racquet here very soon. I demoed one the other day...and the difference was amazing.

04-01-03, 05:58 PM
I play the true gentlemans sport of squash, racquetball is for losers

04-01-03, 06:35 PM
i used to play... but now i dont have the time, and my school turned the courts into study hall rooms for the dumb football players! ugh :mad:

Allante North *
04-01-03, 11:39 PM
It's been awhile, but I love the game. Squash! what the hell is that. Badmitton racquets and a racquetball. I bet you look real graceful with that flimsey ass racquet. JK

04-02-03, 01:41 AM
Forget how gracefull he may or may not look...I want to know why someone claims to play a gentlemans sport, then calls another sport for losers. Seems rather childish to me.

I can't believe the school turned the courts into study halls...that sucks!