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08-24-06, 03:15 PM
I've seen a few threads about this in the past; do we have any kind of paint defect; just got the car washed and waxed while I'm working and I come out to see about 7 dots on the hood, they looked like water maks but upon futher inspection it's looking like something may have burned through the clear- it's definaitely NOT bird shit (that is immediately cleaned.) The guy who washed the car said it could have been tree sap- at this point I don['t car where the F- it came from, I just want it gone. I have something I can try when I get home but from the looks of it it's pretty serious paint damage. Can anyone please clue me in- the damn thing looks so good clean I have to be punished with the acid circle marks!!!:rant2:


08-24-06, 03:48 PM
This defect is mentioned in your owners handbook.

Your car will need to be "clay bar'ed", the dealer will arrange with a detail shop probably.

Same thing was with mine. :mad:

08-24-06, 04:03 PM
Do they clay-bar the whole car??? Can they touch up my small scratches??????:bouncy: I have a hell of a list for this dealer who I have yet to meet (bought the car out of state) to do!!!!

1. Sunroof Switch
2. Driver's Sunvisor
3. Paint
4. Clutch Pressure Plate
5. Strange noise that I still haven't diagnosed when accelerating
6. Caddy Emblem peeling from the grill from one side
7. Might as well do some donuts and blow the diff while I'm at it!!!!!!

08-24-06, 04:10 PM
This defect is mentioned in your owners handbook.

Your car will need to be "clay bar'ed", the dealer will arrange with a detail shop probably.

Same thing was with mine. :mad:

Is this covered under warranty (meaning free detail) or will we have to pay for it?

08-24-06, 04:15 PM
heavymetals, just curious,what's the reason it should be clayed?,is this in preparation for spraying or what?.

08-24-06, 05:38 PM
they are painting my hood because of bird Sh!+, once the paint booth is fixed of course, this will be covered under warranty, at least that what they keep telling me, once the paint booth is fixed, sounds like more of an excuse not to fix it then any thing else. :bigroll:

08-25-06, 05:51 AM
The spots are refered to as "rail rust".

This is a condition where the iron filings that were kicked up onto the car from train shipment settle on the car and cause the brown rust rings (GM explanation, not mine).

Makes you wonder what they do for that big "dealer prep" fee! :eek:

My owners book says that Cad would warranty for one year.

It was taken care of by my dealer (PENSKE in Torrance, CA.).

The whole car was clay bar'ed and detailed.

Looked great :thumbsup:

08-25-06, 09:17 AM
#5 when does that occer, and can you bemore specific about the noise? I have a sound from underneath the car that seems to sound like a rattle when I am high rpm in 2nd and 3rd gears.

08-25-06, 01:55 PM
That sound happens when I get on the gas at certain Rpm's not gears. The actual noise is hard for me to describe; it sounds kind of like a chain draggin- it's nor super loud but it is super annoying. I don't think it's the diff (I hope) because if it was I'm pretty sure the noise would be constant at speed and not just from acceleration.


Silver Dollar
08-25-06, 04:46 PM
it sounds kind of like a chain draggin-

You didn't tie your poodle to the bumper and forget, did you?

08-25-06, 09:39 PM
Come on, you know our cars don't have real bumpers!!!! I actually was lookin up stuff on the FAQ page and think it might be the brace for the cats on the tranny. Well see tomorrow when I can check it out!!


08-26-06, 02:00 AM
There is a TSB on rail dust... check the faq (I am too tired and lazy, sorry)


08-26-06, 10:46 AM
Thanks Reed!!! Does rail dust only occur on the hood???