: Kings of Incompetence - Crestview Cadillac (SoCal)

08-24-06, 12:03 AM
I've given up on yet another Southern California Cadillac dealership. Some of you may recall the two shocking incidents (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-cts-v-series-forum/59588-mark-christopher-cadillac-blows.html) I had with Mark Christopher Cadillac over my oil filter that had been tightened with channel lock pliers or the like, and on a separate incidence, their reluctance to replace a battery that was clearly defective. But thanks to many on this forum, Mark Christopher Cadillac's reputation was thoroughly destroyed as the service advisor that I was dealing with attempted to save face by posting on that very thread, which of course only further propagated the thread's popularity, which eventually earned itself as being the number 2 link to appear on Google when one searched for "Mark Christopher Cadillac." It currently occupies the fourth position. Never underestimate the power of the internet.:worship:

My story with Crestview Cadillac (of West Covina, not Rochester) goes back to my first mistake of purchasing my car from those retards and my initial frustration with them as they told me that the CTS-V doesn't come with a factory alarm. In any case, after the two disastrous cases with Mark Christopher, I decided to try Crestview's service to see if it would be any better than Mark Christopher's. My initial impressions were good, but after receiving my car back the first time, I quickly realized that they must have had the new guy who was just promoted from car washer work on my V.

Long story slightly shorter, my sunvisor was replaced due to the fabric peeling from under the Homelink unit, but the idiot forgot to plug it in. One would think they would've at least flipped the mirror to check to see if the vanity light worked but that is asking too much, especially when GM pays so little for warranty work. The worst of it was that I brought my car in for a loud rattle coming from the rear suspension area. They replaced the shock certain that it was fixed. Sure enough, on the drive home the rattle was there and just as loud. So I take it back for the sunvisor and the rattle, and they argue with me that the rattle has to be gone because they were certain it was the shock. Turned out that whoever worked on the car didn't tighten the shock properly and it was still rattling.

So, like an idiot, I take my car back to them a few weeks ago for the whine, the sunvisor yet again, traces of oil leakage around the oil pan, sunroof rattle, door panel rattle, NAV unit peeling, grease leaking from the driveshaft (no joke, and the replacement driveshaft seems to have eliminated the clunk:thumbsup: but made the 6th gear whine far worse) and a loose A-pillar; basically just maintenance stuff for a GM.:bigroll: So I get the car back and they claim the whine is due to the GM wheel hop bushings that they didn't even know were made by GM and if I want to argue about it then they will just send out Larry Marvin (who I was later informed by this forum is now at Saab), the sunroof rattle is normal and there is nothing GM will do about it without the regional reps approval, the loose A-pillar is also normal and the door panel rattle which is so apparent on any type of bumpy road they claimed they could not reproduce. They also tried to blame my B&M short throw shifter for the whine saying that the foam is missing (complete BS, in fact I've added more foam), and my Falken RT-615's claiming that they are far noisier than the runflats, which is not true also. But they did do something about the traces of oil by resealing the oil pan.

While I appreciate their meager efforts, the last straw that finally compelled me to warn my V brothers of the incompetence that is Crestview Cadillac, is the fact that their resealing of my oil pan has resulted in a full blown oil leak! After my experiences with these goons, I do not believe that it is at all premature or with presumption that I bestow upon them the title of, "The Kings of Incompetence."

blown black caddy
08-24-06, 12:22 AM
Well even though they, (Crestview) are the closest dealer to where I live I still have never used them. Try talking to Bewley Allen? Same owners but different dealership. I've had good luck with them. YMMV.

08-24-06, 12:30 AM
it appears based on my last experience that penske is getting better...

It could be that I participated in a service focus group and it was video taped... the tape was then played for the ENTIRE dealer staff who now fear me (I think). At least everyone knows who I am...

Bottom line, last time I went in they did a pretty good job... I still have one residual issue and that has been with the car since the get go... I dont even know what it is yet...

I know its a drive, but it may be worth it.


08-24-06, 12:33 AM
I should point out that the who purpose of dealerrank (on the faq: Cadillac DealerRank: Rank the Service of your Cadillac Dealer (http://www.cadillacfaq.com/dealerrank/)) is to make the internet work for you and make it BAD for dealers to f' up your car... I dont know how I cam make it more popular except by telling everyone to go there and give HONEST ACCURATE reviews of your dealer...

If all else fails, I own gmservicesucks.com.. HAHAHA


08-24-06, 01:31 AM
I hate to play devils advocate but......
Taking a car in to have it cracked open is all but inviting more stuff to go wrong. It's just like mods. Most are just not a 100% match or up to oem standards. No service teck is going to be able to put seldom messed with parts back on like new. When they crack open your dash, driveline, ect it's not going back together like it came from the factory and new stuff often goes wrong in the new set up IE 1:the hood was missed aligned on my car they loosened it, aligned it and put it back together but it then hit the seals differently and squeaked at high way speeds which was worse then old problem. 2: some times defect is in the master plan, The stupid wheel bushings that caused a lot of the wheel hop. how many of you got the GM replacements but found out why GM went with the soft ones in the first place and went back? the point of all this is I know people want there new car to be perfect but when performance and value, are your reasons for buying a car don't expect an accord. Both of those are warning flags when shopping for a car if your looking for hassle free, god MPG, ect. And when you take a car in, think about if it's worth handing it over to a guy who may or may not have finished high school to take apart and fish around in. Try taking it in for 1 problem at a time and working it through 100% and then move on to the next. It's not practical time wise for you but it enables the service guys to concentrate on one issue and not rush through a check list and get distracted by all the little thing that go wrong and the harder then they look stuff that comes up while working on a car. If the car does something that bugs you but you don't know how to get it to happen 100% of the time don't take it in till you do, it's a waste of everybody's time. Every body loves perfect, it's just not out there. It's always better to plan for human nature or to plan for the way thing are not the way they should be.

08-25-06, 03:31 AM
sucks to hear all that John.... and yet another dealership to stay away from!!! :eek: