: Lucus Products? Fuel Injector Cleaner

02-14-04, 04:51 PM
Any one have any experience with Lucas products specifically the fuel injector cleaner? This was suggested to me at the local auto parts place to be better than STP, and all the others. Any input/experience good or bad welcome.

Night Wolf
02-14-04, 08:15 PM
I am very happy with Lucas products... I ran the fuel injrctor cleaner in my DeVille ('93 CDV, 4.9) a few times and in my Olds twice... I just did an oil change ont he Olds today and put the Lucas oil stabilzer stuff in...heard good things about it....

.... it seems to help clean out the fuel system, brings up mpg a little, and some power too.... in the DeVille I do it every 3k miles or so....

02-15-04, 01:22 AM
I recently pulled the injectors out of my wife's 96 aurora with 130K miles. The fuel injectors were clean as as whistle and I never have used cleaner in it. I think that most premium fuels have enough detergents already.