: Crest Cadillac in Syracuse

08-23-06, 03:28 PM
Just a personal observation:
I've been shopping for a brand-new Cadillac for a while and find this dealership to be generally overpriced and way too complacent. I haven't tried their service department and can't comment on that. This is just a general observation about their sales practices.

As the only Cadillac dealership in the County, it serves a population of about 1/2 million. This dealer and it's predecessor, Spector Cadillac which existed at the same location has had no competition selling brand-new Cadillacs in Syracuse and the surrounding County for many decades, possibly almost 100 years.

The next closest Caddy dealer is almost an hour's drive away and their lead Cadillac salesman came from the Syracuse dealer.

However, I've found a solution, Thanks to the internet and gmbuypower.com I shopped at other Cadillac dealers which were sometimes over 1 hour away. In doing so I've found prices that are thousands less for the same car, I'm treated much better and the selection is far greater.

Again, this is just a personal observation, but I know that I just bought the same car for about $5,000 less at another dealer. That worked out to about $4,000 less than the dealer who now has Crest's old salesman working for him.

However, the real difference here is that these dealers are forced to compete with Cadillac dealers that are much closer and as a result, they offer a better selection, better customer service, lower prices and an overall better buying experience. Crest was not willing to compete when I presented the other offers. Their only response was to threaten me with poor service if I ever try to bring this car to their facility for service.

I guess that's what a lack of competition does.

Fortunately, new the car is brand-new, not likely to need repair, it comes with a new car warranty and I end up with about $5k left over.