: GM Rev it Up Racing this weekend in DC

08-22-06, 09:08 AM
Who else is going to this?

RevItUpRacing.com 2006 | Presented by Chevrolet | Win A Brand New Cobalt SS (http://www.revitupracing.com)

Its $50, for 7 laps and also some Karts to drive. If you Beat the Pro, you win a Chevy Colbalt SS (That you can then sell and modify your V with the money).

I know there's at least one other V owner going to this.

Nevermind, after reading deeper, all the cars (vettes included) are automatics. Actually, the cobalt SS is available in manual, but I dont care to drive it. At least at the Mazda event the Miatas, RX-8's and MazdaSpeed 6's were manuals