: Windshield Scratch

02-14-04, 11:00 AM
One of my windshield wiper blades popped out of the clips at the end of the wiper arm. I heard the scratching sound and pulled off the road and reinserted it. The wiper only made a couple of passes before I fixed it, but left a nice scratch in the windeshield.

Is there any product out there that I can use to buff this scratch away without causing further damage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

02-14-04, 11:48 AM
There are a few companies like Eastwood that sells scratch repair kits for glass, I have not had much luck personally with them

El Dobro
02-14-04, 12:21 PM
You may be able to take it out with one of the polishing kits depending on the depth of the scratch. You do have to be careful because a little too much heat from friction and your windshield will distort. Follow the directions carefully and to the T. You can order it from Eastwood or JC Whitney to name a couple of sources.

02-25-04, 05:08 PM
I use 0000 or 000 steel wool and lightly rub it out like you were rubbing out a scatch in your paint. I know it soudns scary but it works:)

02-25-04, 09:15 PM
Steel wool, really? I need to do this to my '69 Sed Dev as well, someone let the blades wear down so much that the metal bracket scratches the windshield probably havent been replaced since '69. theres a nice scratched area on that windshield. Do you need to polish the windshield after using the steel wool?:coolgleam

02-27-04, 09:44 AM
I usually just use windex to clean it off. You can also use Steel Wool for scratches in plastics.

El Dobro
02-29-04, 10:56 PM
Steel wool sounds scary on glass. I would try practicing on my neighbor's windshield first before I tried it on my own. I would stick with the special windshield polishing compound. I used it on a Vette I once owned and it worked great.