: Amber Parking lamps... When and how do they go on?

08-21-06, 05:56 PM

I have had my "V" since December 2005. I have pressed and pushed everything i can think of on the steering wheel colum's turn signal lever.... How the heck do i get the amber parking lights ontop of the fog lamps to light up instead of those tiny white ones inside of the headlight assembly? This is still a mystery to me!! What am i missing here?

08-21-06, 06:07 PM
They are your DRLs. IF you have your lights set to Auto then then will be on if your car is running and parking brake is off.

08-21-06, 06:50 PM
As JohnCR96Z says the amber lights are the DRLs. They are also the front turn signals. However, it is not necessary to have the light switch in the Auto position to have the DRLs come on. They will turn on anytime the ignition is on and the parking brake is off. There is no switch or switch position for turning these light on and off.

08-21-06, 07:04 PM
Thanks alot guys.... Everytime i have looked at them i have had my parking brake on.... That's why i have not seen them on. Mystery solved!! :)

08-21-06, 09:06 PM
Yeah, I wasn't sure about the auto thing because my is always on auto.

08-21-06, 09:34 PM
I have had my "V" since December 06.

Can I borrow your time machine?

08-21-06, 11:24 PM
No wonder he couldn't figure the lights out. He's not even gonna have the car for another 4 months.

08-22-06, 12:22 AM
I think i had one two many the other night, re-edited to show as Dec 2005. :alchi:

08-22-06, 07:48 AM
Federal law now requires all vehicles starting some time in the late 90's or early 00's (I'm not sure when) to have DRLs. They must be automatically active when the car is in motion regardless of whether or not the car has an automatic headlight system like the GM Twilight Sentinel. Most states also require that the headlights be on in rain. Most, but not all, new cars incorporate an automatic system that turns on the headlights (not the DRLs, unless they are one and the same) anytime the windshield wipers are on.