: Goodyear claim outstanding: F1 Supercar or GS-D3?

08-21-06, 12:21 PM
I'm trying to use Discount Tire to handle my claim with Goodyear. With over 12K on the odometer, I'm pushing the limits of the OEM tire. Unfortunately, nobody but The Tire Rack has the F1 in stock, and no matter who I use to process the claim, my cost will only be $132/tire. It's a no-brainer to stick with the F1 for this price... my cost would be the same if I decided to switch to the GS-D3. However, I might not have this option with the current supply issues. Goodyear's Customer Service is telling me the F1 EMT is on national backorder, with no production order slated for at least 4 weeks out. So is the GS-D3 worth it? Are there any benefits to using a 255/40-18 all the way around instead?

08-21-06, 12:34 PM
Without a second thought, I'd go with the GSD3's. I didn't care for the F1's at all! The ride is improved with the GSD3's and the handling is awesome for a street tire. Besides, the GSD3's have such a cool tread pattern!

I have 245's up front and 275's out back. I like that combo. I have a set of Toyo T1-S's that I'm going to install when the GSD3's wear out and they are 255's all the way around, but I haven't tried them, so I don't know what they'd be like.

08-21-06, 12:58 PM
my stockers wore out after 10k and the dealer took care of me and replaced them for free. now with about 18k on the car im lookin in that direction again.....both times the main wear and tear came from a long trip in the summer time, the tires just fall apart on a long highway drive. as long as they are free ill keep putting them on, but i would def. try your caddy dealer to see if they can help out.

08-21-06, 05:46 PM
I like the oem F1 EMT SUPERCAR tires. I have a new set of four all around. They stick realy great in the hot weather. If your going for the factory look i would stick with them. If you don't care about that then go with the GSD3's.

08-22-06, 09:01 AM
The GS-D3s can't hold a candle to the Supercars in the dry handling dept. If you can wait for the backordered tires, I'd wait. Sure, the GS-D3s are better in the rain and more comfortable, if you want to give up the grip, go nuts.

As for "cool" tread pattern, that's subjective. Personally, I think the Toyo T1-R is just perpetuating the same, old V pattern as new, when it's so late 90's. The Yokohama AVS Sport was one of the first to use this design and it was a major step down from the Nexus it replaced. So they came out with the S1-Z. The Nexus incorporated what I think is cool: massive shoulder tread blocks. You know what else is "cool"? A continuous center rib. Like the Michelin PS2.

I was looking at the 275 GS-D3s that wildwhl had on the 9.25" wheels he sent to me. And I don't think they look cool. When I know the Supercars can run circles around them, I just can't.

08-22-06, 09:23 AM
I'm getting mixed feedback from those who have switched to the GS-D3; some claim this tire is worlds better than the F1 and others fault several weaknesses. To be realistic, I'm sure the GS-D3 is an excellent example of a tire to suit the needs of most, especially from a daily driver... and some even put this tire on the track.

I agree with you on the tread pattern--I really don't care what it looks like, but the tread seperation grooves seem to be very wide and deep on the GS-D3. It's been extremely dry and quite hot here lately, so I can make use of the F1. Really, 12K isn't so bad from these tires, and I'm sure I could get 15K out of them if I had paid attention to tire pressures and didn't try to accelerate their wear so late in the summer.

So here's what I'm going to do....

I'm going to stick with the F1 Supercar and just wait for the retailer to stock this tire again. In the meantime, I've located a lightly used set of RS-A runflats which should help me survive the cooler months ahead. By February, I should be able to pull these off and mount the F1s in storage.