: General Motors Protection Plan - Smart Care

Greg Goatcher
08-17-06, 09:26 PM
Anybody use this plan? Anybody even heard of this plan? I had my V in for service today (oil change & tires rotated). Also for a check enginge light that onstar could not diagnose (a seal at the top of the gas tank, not the cap:). Anyway, while I was looking a an XLR-V on the showroom floor (very nice indeed) a salesperson started talking to me about the V series. It was amazing, she knew just about everything about our V's. When she found out I was also having the oil change and tires rotated she asked if I had the Smart Care plan. Of course I had never heard about it. She she told me that since the V's take Mobil one and a lot of it, and that it also covered the tire rotation it would be a great thing for my V and that I could still buy the plan. Cost was $570 for three years of oil changes, $400.00 for two years. What do you guys think?

08-17-06, 09:35 PM
I think at 570 bux you could buy a tanker of Mobil 1 and do it yourself...


08-17-06, 09:46 PM
I think at 570 bux you could buy a tanker of Mobil 1 and do it yourself...



08-17-06, 09:50 PM
Only way it might be worth it is if you're putting more than 20k miles a year on your car. I'd guess there's a limit on the number of oil changes and tire rotations you can get in that time period.

08-17-06, 11:16 PM
You give me $570, and i will change your oil every 4 months in my garage for 4 years...

Lets do the match. Oil change every 4 months x 3 years= 9 total oil changes. An oil change costs me about $30 for all supplies (filter and oil).. Total cost to me is $270 for 9 changes... Profit is $33 bucks per oil change and the time is only about 30 mins to change the oil (takin it slow.. beers included).. thats about $60/ hour.

DAMN they have a racket.


08-18-06, 12:09 AM
What's with the new screen name Greg?

08-18-06, 05:38 AM
1. go to wal mart
2. buy mobil 1
3. diy

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Silver Dollar
08-18-06, 09:42 AM
Any time a car salesman tells you "this would be a great thing for you" .......RUN AWAY!

08-18-06, 09:51 AM
Cheaper ways to get free oil changes . . .
I have a salesperson that is taking care of mine for referring a customer to them who ended up leasing a new V:bouncy:

08-18-06, 12:56 PM
GM gave me this plan as a courtesy after my diff and everything related to it blew out. This happend at 18,000 miles and I have this plan until 42,000 miles. It's nice to have and my oil is changed and tries rotated religously every 3,000 miles.

08-18-06, 01:10 PM
Were there any other perks? For instance, if it came with an annual "hummer", it might very well be worth it. :)

Greg Goatcher
08-18-06, 11:11 PM
Barak, I had to do a resign in and I just used my very first sign in. GAGS-V will return shortly.

Was just curious to see if anybody had done this. It might be good for someone who drives a ton of miles (not me). It's not that big of a deal to me to let the dealer do the service. I don't have a lift to rotate the tires nor am I anywhere near skinny enough to crawl under the car to change the oil:) I seem to have something that is under warranty go out that I need to bring the car in around service time anyway (hmmm). This is only my third oil change and I have had to pay for two. So far, after a year and a half I still love the car. It is way too much fun and has been since day one.