View Full Version : My Cadillac bangs as i put it in and take it out of gear... what should i do?

08-16-06, 07:46 PM
I found out that the FRONT bushing that is in the FRONT of the rear end is broken, (THEIR IS ONLY ONE BUSHING IN THE FRONT) due to the fact i can see a piece of rubber hanging out. i tested it to see the play in the bushing and indeed it is bad. I refuse to take it to CADILLAC for my own reasones. i'm sure the part wont cost a lot. My father owns a repair shop and i can do it with ease.

THE QUESTION IS: how should i do it. should i drop the sub frame or can i get the rear end down with out the sub frame. or better: do you thing that the bushing would be so nice and just pop out?

The other thing is should i spend the money after the fix and buy the pinoin brace from BMR? IS IT WORTH IT?

Lindsay Cadillac
08-16-06, 08:50 PM
You have to drop the diff out... That bushing is pressed in so it's not going to just "pop" out...

08-17-06, 02:31 AM
so i wont have to take the sub frame down?

Lindsay Cadillac
08-17-06, 05:43 AM
Nope... The diff mounts to the rear cradle with three bolts; one on the front and two on the rear...

Lindsay Cadillac
08-17-06, 05:49 AM
Here's the service manual procedure to get the diff out...

08-17-06, 05:46 PM
i broke one of the back bolts one time. the bolt in the back that holds in the rear end and i had to lower the subframe to get those bolts back in when i replaced them. the spare tire pocket blocks the bolts from coming out. i ordered the bushing in the morning. list is $27 i belive my cost is $17 not bad but it is going to take some time to drop the rear. thanks a lot and i heard you have the shifter bushings. how much are they about shipped to brooklyn?

Lindsay Cadillac
08-18-06, 05:44 AM
The shifter bushings are $30.00 and we should have more in stock next week. I would imagine shipping to Brooklyn to be between $5 & $10... I would need your zip code for an exact price...

08-19-06, 11:59 AM
thank for the update on the shifter bushing and i just got done on friday putting in the bushing on the rear end. i did'it have to take it down, we just pointed the rear end down and used a ball joint press to press it out and in. i save a lot of time. i did'it have to remove any wheel axles or the wheel hub.:stirpot: but i still read all the diaograms that you sent me. No more banging when i put it in an out of gear which now i have smoother shifts. :)